What is Diwali 

India is a country who loves to celebrate different types of festivals throughout the year with Diwali being one of the most celebrated. Diwali this year falls between October 22nd and October 26th and is often referred to as the festival of lights, preaching the message of friendship and togetherness with the lights being seen as the depiction of hope, success, knowledge and fortune representing the triumph of good over evil. On this day gifts such as silver, gold, utensils and even gadgets are exchanged as it is believed these items bring good luck into the home of those who received them as well as being seen as a blessing. 

Five days of Diwali 

The two days before the main festival it is considered good luck to buy metallic kitchen utensils and other appliances as well as bringing good fortune to the person it is gifted to. 

The day before Diwali is known as “chotti diwali”. This is traditionally a day for getting on with preparations but also an opportunity for last minute organisation and gift exchanges. At this time  intricate floral and geometrical designs are created on floors using coloured powders, rice flour and flower petals. 

The third day is the main Diwali celebration. As the sun sets, prayers are said to Lakshmi and Ganesh, with lots of clay lamps being arranged around the house as well as firework displays being common. 

On the fifth and final day of Diwali celebrations, people pray for the wellbeing of others and sweetmeats and gifts are exchanged. 

How is Diwali celebrated 

The weeks leading up to the Diwali period are traditionally a time for redecorating, buying new items such as clothes and jewellery as well as a great opportunity to exchange gifts such as sweetmeats, dried fruits and nuts. 

Here are 5 ways to celebrate Diwali 

  1. Exchanging gifts with friends and family members 
  2. Attending local firework displays and parades 
  3. Gathering together for puja ‘prayer’ to worship the goddess Lakshmi 
  4. Decorating the home with clay oil lamps called ‘diyas’ – this represents good fortune for the new year 
  5. Cooking delicious delicacies and having a feast with loved ones