What does community mean to us?


In some areas, a community brings them together by chance and commonality such as a shared sense of place, religion, values and identity. But here in Tooting, we make the choice to bring people together further by support, opportunities and care. We believe that Community is involvement and the involvement that we chose to organise day to day is meaningful, with consistent participation in activities that support and improve social wellbeing. To us, the community is important, and bringing people together and providing a safe and enjoyable area for Tooting, makes us feel accomplished and rewarded regularly. 


Royal Mahal; the support which we bring to Tooting and beyond


Here at Royal Mahal, each month that goes by, we aim to do our bit and give back where we can. If we can help towards social well-being for the people of London, then we can rest well. Of course, we know there is always more that we as a city and country can do for the homeless, the deprived and the hard done by, however, every little helps and the team over at Royal Mahal unite together to make a difference. 


Partnership with Tooting Community Kitchen


Since Royal Mahal launched, we have had an ongoing partnership with Tooting Community Kitchen. The mission of TCK is to help alleviate poverty in South West London, by helping feed the homeless and those in need, and providing them with other vital resources. TCK provides a biweekly stall serving hot food and essential, nutritious meals alongside running a local food bank which operates as a drop-in collection service. TCK has a strong presence within the community, as a general support network and hub for resources to assist. They believe that everyone in our community deserves to feel cared for and valued without prejudice. These beliefs are exactly what the team at Royal Mahal stand for, and are proud to partner with TCK where we deliver meals to help relieve poverty and serve the homeless.


Bi-weekly we all come together to relieve poverty in South West London by serving the homeless and needy as a community and without judgment. As a community, supporting those in the SW London area who are homeless and in need. 

Iftar meals for refugees


The world is a difficult place to live at the moment, and we recognise the importance of supporting individuals who fleeing conflict or persecution. Life as a refugee can be difficult to imagine. But, for 26.4 million people around the world, it is a terrifying reality.


During the period of Ramadan, it is a special time for giving back and uniting together. We reflect on life and count our blessings, and we also learn what we can do to help those less fortunate. 


Royal Mahal devised an Iftar special box which has a selection of our favourite foods and appetizers which aim to delight and fill people with joy. We wanted to give this joy to the Refugees who are practising Ramadan during this time and need a box of happiness. 



We aim to continue to provide to Refugees arriving in to Calais where we can and want to let them know that they are in our prayers. 


Marcus Rashford, meals for children during the holidays


The Royal Mahal team got behind the brilliant ‘Free School Meals’ campaign pioneered by Marcus Rashford to battle child food poverty, something we felt strongly about. We can only imagine the level of pain parents must feel being unable to provide for their children, at no fault of theirs. No child should go hungry, and no parent should be made to feel helpless because of a pandemic no one foresaw. We quickly pivoted to setting up free school tiffins/meals for parents to come and collect from the restaurant during the October half-term. The messages of gratitude and smiles we received were simply priceless.


NHS meals & donations to St Hellier hospital 


The Royal Mahal team have been working extremely hard behind the scenes during Ramadan, which is the month of fasting and giving. Throughout this month the team have partnered up with Halima Beauty and Penny Appeal UK and has been providing nutritious meals to the staff at local hospitals to break their fast. The team over at the St Hellier hospital have been extremely grateful, and the feedback from our Iftar box was outstanding! We are so pleased they enjoyed the box of happiness.

The blessings of Iftar multiply when shared with others