Here at Royal Mahal, we have some exciting news to share with you all. We are delighted to be launching some delicious new dishes which are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Say hello to…

The Royal Platter

If one option at Royal Mahl wasn’t enough, treat yourself to the Royal Platter that gives the best of our most contemporary dishes. This is a great sharing option for those customers joining us along with family and friends. 


Lahori Fish Kebab

This dish uses shredded fish mixed with potatoes, herbs and spices which is then shallow fried for a succulent and juicy taste and served alongside a tantalising sauce 



Rose Lassi

Our new Rose Lassi is the perfect refreshing drink for any meal. The drink matches the delicate sweetness of rose with the tang of yoghurt and finally garnishes with a touch of soft rose petals. It is simply delicious!


Lahori Nihari 

This is slow-cooked lamb shanks, so tender it melts in the mouth. Now served on the bone or boneless.


Lotus Biscoff Milkshake

 Always have room for dessert with our all-new lotus biscoff milkshake! A thick, creamy milkshake loaded with flavour and toppings. 

Heard enough to tempt you? Head to our website now to make a reservation at our restaurant to try these delicious new dishes for yourself!