Looking to delight your palette? Royal Mahal offers the perfect setting for those special moments in life, where luxury is not a question and taste is superb. Our dishes are full of flavour and ready to impress with our menu which provides the perfect mix of traditional cooking styles combined with contemporary street food which is inspired from the streets of Pakistan. The cuisine which is made passionately by our team with over 25 years of experience will transport you to Lahore, Pakistan with every bite. 

Ready to indulge your senses? Find below our top recommendations of the best dishes to dive into here at Royal Mahal which will set your senses on fire.  

      1. Shahi Haleem (Main) 

First we have Shahi Haleem, which is a stew dish popular in South Asia. This dish can vary from region to region but will always consist of the basic ingredients of blended lentils, spices and lamb. This is cooked for hours to get the perfect taste and texture and is often served with fried onions, green chilli, coriander leaves and eaten with tandoori naans for the perfect side option. 

This dish pairs well with our Rogni Naan bread, a naan bread that is thick in size and is covered in sesame seeds. For this dish there is also a special garnishing plate we provide. This garnish uses ginger, fried onions, green chillies and fresh lemon slices and is sprinkled over the Haleem, this makes a huge difference in taste!

      1. Masala Fish (Starter) 

Masala Fish is a Royal Mahal classic and takeaway favourite! This flaky piece of cod fish which is marinated in secret asian spices, and deep fried in crispy batter until nice and golden brown. 

This is paired well with our “green chutney”, minty and tangy providing a sauce that is the perfect partner to the fish as well as a naan bread pairing perfectly alongside. 

      1. Dynamite Prawns (Starter) 

Bringing that extra spice to your life, Dynamite Prawns are great as a sharer and can be served as an appetiser or also can be a great main course. The crispy prawns are coated in a special homemade royal tangy sauce, crispy, crunchy and have a delicious bang. You won’t have tasted anything quite like it! 

We would recommend this alongside our masala chips, both are signature staples from the new Royal Mahal street food range. 

      1. Chicken Biryani (Main) 

Chicken Biryani is a savoury rice dish originating from India and is often considered to be a luxurious treat to enjoy on special occasions. This popular dish is a great savoury option made with Indian spices, rice and usually some type of marinated meat. 

Why not try the strawberry heaven mocktail with our biryani. This drink choice will bring a huge explosion of flavours which will ignite your taste buds. 

      1. Lahori Falooda (Dessert) 

Finally everyone’s favourite part, dessert! Lahori Falooda is a traditional and well known dessert. This sweet dessert is believed to have evolved from the persian faloodeh and consists of silky vermicelli noodles with luscious homemade made kulfi ice cream and basil seeds. 

The dish is sweet and miky, as well as being completely homemade by our excellent chefs. This dish is a very royal finish to a Royal Mahal meal. 


We hope this has given you an insight into some of our top recommendations at Royal Mahal and make your next visit with us even more amazing one, now you have gotten the lowdown on the best dishes to indulge in as well as how best to pair these. Visit our website to book your table or enquire about an event now. 

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