A month of blessings and forgiveness

And just like that, we welcome in another month of blessings and forgiveness. The month of extraordinary importance for Muslims has arrived once again! As we see restrictions starting to ease across the UK, we are sure that many Muslims are feeling relieved to commit to Ramadan with somewhat more freedom than last year.

Ramadan is a time for reflecting, a time for seeking forgiveness, repenting sins and seeking guidance for the future. This is a very important month for Muslims as the month focuses on spiritual healing and cleansing not just the body, but the human soul. Ramadan is one of the five pillars which Islam and is regarded very highly by Muslims. For some further context, the tradition is that the Muslim community will fast for 29 days. This can sometimes vary each year depending on the Lunar calendar as Ramadan begins with the sighting of the new moon. The fasting process consists of nothing passing the lips from sunrise to sunset. During this time, Muslims commit to praying more so than usual, and the main teachings are patience, modesty and spirituality. 

Ramadan and Royal Mahal

Across the month, at Royal Mahal we will be reflecting on the architecture of Pakistan and the Middle East, we will be discussing our favourite dishes which will be available to sample throughout. We have compiled together our favourites! We will also be honouring the month, to teach and to acknowledge this holy time. So keep up to date with our socials and tune in to a day in the life of Ramadan!

At Royal Mahal, we are reducing our opening hours in accordance with Ramadan. However, we still are available to cater for all of your Ramadan needs, whether that be something light and refreshing from our drinks range, could that be a mocktail or a mango lassi? Or even some light snacks from our appetizer menu. We are still continuing to serve and deliver the highest quality ingredients to all, and to those who do not practise Ramadan. We believe everyone should enjoy the month of Ramadan, therefore we will be gifting each customer a box filled with foods that Muslims traditionally open their fast with; dates, fruit and pakoras. Be sure to visit us at Sunset for your very own goodie box.

Our new snack box

As well as welcoming in Ramadan, we are welcoming in a new feast, snack box! The perfect box for when you need a light refreshment. On the move? Need a quick fix? Cast your eyes over to our light selection of divine appetizers and our famous biryani! Our boxes are perfectly timed with restrictions easing, if you need some refreshments whilst out and about with friends, in parks and gardens. The rule of 6 favours our boxes! See below what we provide:

Including our very own specialities:

  • 2x Pakoras
  • 2x Chicken Tikka
  • 2x Lamb chops
  • 1x Lamb Samosa
  • Chicken Biryani
  • 1x Can Drink

This is the ultimate box around the clock. Perfect for those who are committing to Ramadan, as a late evening bite too. We are still aiming to bring you the finest Indian and Pakistani cuisine, just in a smaller form! 

We also have our hamper range available throughout the month of Ramadan. Why not gift your loved ones, neighbours or friends the perfect Iftar treat. Four tasty options to choose from with serving sizes catering for 2 or 5 guests. Visit our online store for more details; shop.royalmahal.co.uk

And finally, we have stocked the Daily Adhkar from @ummahwelfaretrust. Authentic remembrances & supplications prescribed by the messenger of Allah. Make sure to pick up yours when you collect your takeaway, whilst stocks last!