Winter Warmers

With the weather heading to all things cold, of course, it is essential for winter warmers and food that is good for the soul. What better way than a selection of sensational and delectable curries at Royal Mahal? Let us wait on you hand and foot during the chilly season, and transport your tastebuds over to South Asia.

We have collated our top 5 curries for you, which are a must-have treat this winter, together with Royal Mahal, or even at home:


Cooked over a high flame in a tomato sauce with spiced chicken, garlic, onions and spices. 

Chicken Karahi involves an exotic collection of fresh spices and herbs creating a thick rich and distinctive flavour.


Fresh and bitter fenugreek leaves mixed with chicken breast pieces 

Chicken Methi is a classic Indian recipe with fresh fenugreek leaves as well as dried fenugreek. The fresh leaves work very well in curries as they lend so much flavour. When mixed with aromatics and spices including our favourite spice..Haldi, it transforms and gives a sweetness and depth of flavour to the saucy dishes.


Lamb mince prepared in a karahi with herbs and special spices

Our Keema Karahi curry is tomato-based, with a minced type of meat and have strong flavours of ginger, garlic and green chilli. The tomato and ginger is a defining aspect of karahi recipes and the strong flavours make it a fierce yet wholesome Pakistani dish


Tender chicken pieces combined with lots of onions and blasted with subtle spices and pan-fried

The dopiyaza curry is usually on the sweeter side, and with bold tastes of spice and based of onions make this a popular choice


Marinated chicken cubes served on a sizzling bed of spiced onions, green and red peppers

This curry is a kick upward from the widely popular and well-known Chicken Tikka Masala. Based with green and red peppers and spiced onion, and a tandoori marinade this adds a plethora of flavours and adds that va va voom to your meal!


Traditional South Indian rich, fragrant and intense spicy curry

This curry is not for the faint-hearted, by being on the fairly hot side and based around paprika and chillies, this gives it the deep red sauce colour. The spices are usually dry fried or roasted. Madras recipes are well seasoned and are aromatic in flavour!

Tailor the heat to your palette!

At Royal Mahal, we understand that each of our customers is unique, we can tailor your curry exactly how you like it! Are your team mild or extra hot?  Whichever spice level you take, Royal Mahal can accommodate! Speak to the members of our team to talk you through the journey of spice and flavours which we use in our curries.

Essential spices to have at home in your cupboard

With a variety of spices in the Indian cooking repertoire, it can be tricky to decide where to begin, people often find it intimidating to know which ones to use or where to start! However, spices are the foundation for Indian cooking. They can transform any dish into a tasty meal and give life to even the simplest ingredients.

  • Ground Cardamom – This heady ground spice adds the perfect aroma to breakfast recipes and desserts
  • Cumin – An essential ingredient in Indian cooking, cumin adds nutty, warm flavors and dimension to countless dishes
  • Black Mustard Seeds – These pungent, nutty seeds add flavor to many dishes, from curries to chutneys to pickles to salads 
  • Ground Turmeric – this is a bright, healing spice that adds a peppery-woody taste and a deep golden color to curries
  • Kashmiri red Chili Powder – this powder has a brilliant red hue that adds natural food coloring and a smoky flavour 
  • Coriander – This versatile spice has a hint of citrus and adds earthy notes to curries
  • Garam Masala – Gives warmth and depth to dishes

Royal Mahal x The Curry Oscars

We are thrilled to announce we are a finalist of the British Curry Awards a.k.a The British Curry Oscars! Held at the Evolution London, in Battersea, we attended one of the most prestigious and well recognised events in the culinary calendar! The team joined together and got suited and booted ready to collect our award, we are so proud to be recognised as a nomination for ‘Best Newcomer’ to the scene. We would like to thank our customers and employees for this past year, our successes are thanks to you! Congratulations to our Team Royal Mahal! 

The Royal Mahal Team attending the Curry Awards in Battersea!

In a direct quote from the Prime Minister, when he said the UK is ‘not just building back better, we’re building back balti’ we are so proud to be a part of this for Great Britain!